Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've never been interested in football.....

.....until now!

I get bored very easily. So having to watch 22 men kick a ball about in what seems to me to be a wholly uncoordinated way bores the heck out of me. I can usually last until half time IF it is a World Cup and IF England is playing. Anything other than that and I'm distraced before the first set piece.

But no longer. I'm hooked. I didn't know football could be so interesting! OK, I'm not talking about that knock about on the pitch, but the intrigue at FIFA. Sepp Blatter seems to be inhabiting a different universe to everyone else. I saw his press conference - the "crisis? what crisis?" one. He should head to Libya and join forces with the only other rather delusional totalitarian who's desparately clinging to power right now.

And to think that this association governs the rules of the game and organises what is credibly the most watched world event, the World Cup. The odd footballer playing away with a model or two pales into insignificance compared to this.

I have no sympathy for the FIFA members - they deserve what is coming to them.

I have no sympathy with professional footballers - they're overpaid prima donna thugs who seem to think that the normal rules of decency and decorum don't apply to them. How wrong they are.

I have sympathy for the 7 year-old child who plays his heart out on the school pitch in the middle of winter and for the proud Mum and Dad who stand there cheering him on. How can the members of FIFA show their faces without shame knowing that they have let down people like that.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bye Bye Osama

Well, well, well ... Bin Laden is dead. Good riddance to him. No-one should shed any tears at the passing of a tyrant. People of all faiths should rejoice that this man who mis-represented Islam is badly is no more. Perhaps we can get a little closer as a result.

However, the practical slant on all of this is that although the notional leader of al-Qaeda is dead, the terror will continue. It's time to steel ourselves for the backlash and hope the balance has been tipped in favour of the fight against terror.

What we all should be worried about is the sheer lack of knowledge of the Pakistani government that Bin Laden was residing in their country, not in some remote mountainous cave but half a mile from their most prestigious military academy in a respectable town an hour's drive from the country's capital!

Talk about exploiting the naivety of an incompetent government! Bin Laden was audicious to the last.

Oh, and Americans jumping for joy, singing and dancing at the news of Bin Laden's death......I understand where you're coming from but probably not the best response, at least not in public.