Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Breaking News: UK looks to Oman for advice on public holiday policy

So here's a rare event for the UK ........ I've taken 3 days of vacation this week and I've got 11 consecutive days off! "How is that possible?" I hear you ask. "The UK has only 8 public holidays a year and most of those are around Chrstmas and the New Year!" I hear you exclaim.

Well, some rather nice bloke and his fiancee, Will and Kate I think their names are, decided to get married on the Friday after Easter and just before the May Day bank holiday ... and they've given us the day off to sleep in and miss it! Bless.

So a combination of an event celebrating a rather dubious "back from the dead" escapade by a 2000 year old bloke whose existence has no concrete evidence to support it, the wedding of some rather stuffy, archaic royals and a relic of nascent socialism have combined to give me 11 days off.

You couldn't write this stuff!!!

I feel like I'm back in Oman!

Oh....and the weather is playing a blinder. Sunny and hot. Too funny!