Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Muammar!!

I've just noticed that the lastest country on the list of my "hits" is Lybia! Hello Muammar!! Nice to see you following me. Watch out for that rocket propelled grenade now, won't you!

Football....well, it's just, well....

I've been sitting and thinking about football. Now I don't normally do this. You could give me tickets to the World Cup final and I'd likely as not forget when it was on and miss the game. That changed a couple of weeks ago when my young nephew came down to stay with me for a week and insisted on watching every footy game there was on TV. Wanting to be the generous and "trendy" uncle, I relented and sat through quite a number of games.

Now what got me was just how inaccurate the game is. They put some statistics up on the screen which showed that only 30% of passes were successful. Good grief!! If you don't know how to pass a ball, what are you doing being paid £100,000 a week! And because you need a good pass to string together a bit of possession which leads to goal attempts and goals, the goals were few and far betweeen; and when they did come most were scrambled and deflected and basically slightly silly.

So, here we have a game loved by billions, played by millions and abused by one or two which consists of 22 men not doing what they should be doing the majority of the time and basically screwing up, leading to a flawed, messy spectacle full of fouls and yellow cards rather than graceful play and spectacular goals.

They call football the "Beautiful Game". Must have been blind.

In this day and age when everyone wants instant satisfaction; in this "I want that and I want it NOW!!" culture, I'm surprised football has survived. It is so 70s!

My nephew has gone back home. I've already forgotton which channels the football was on.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Burning .....

There are many theories that the rioting and looting taking place in London and other major cities has something to do with social inequality or a reaction to the economic "turning of the screw" by the UK government etc. etc. etc.

Utter rubbish.

This has everything to do with opportunist thugs and inbreds who deem it fit to damage other people's property and cause mayhem, suffering and danger to others. This is wanton hooliganism and has no social backdrop at all.

Enough pussy-footing around with the sympathetic treatment of this sort of person. The police need to be given powers to snuff out any further trouble with the maximum force possible.

Every parent, every brother, every sister, every aunt, every uncle, every friend has a duty to report all those responsible for this mayhem to the authorities and the UK justice system should thrown the damned book at them all, handing out the maximum custodial sentences possible.

I am livid with anger that my country can be ransacked and held hostage by a group of malcontents and miscreants, such as those who have taken part in these riots.

We need to ensure that the full force of the law is brought down upon all those involved.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadhan kareem!

Have a good Ramadhan everyone.

It's getting hotter, isn't it?