Thursday, June 21, 2012

Euro 2012 - Are you watching?

I don't know about you but I just don't get why people like football. It's such an inaccurate game. Ninety-nine percent of the plays end in failure. Now take tennis for example; once a point has started someone is going to win it and someone is going to lose it. Same with a game, a sett, a match. Football, however, sees 22 guys run around a pitch for 90+ minutes and still manufacture a 0-0 draw. I've tried to watch - alone and with friends, at home and in a pub. But I still don't understand the allure of the game.

Am I missing something? Can anyone tell me just what is so interesting about it?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rumour has it ........

This from the Oman Observer on 6th June, 2012:

Rumours deplored

Wed, 06 June 2012
His Majesty is the pride of the nation — By Zainab Al Nasria — MUSCAT — The Majlis Ash’shura has condemned recent rumours circulated by electronic media and mobile phones that targeted His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. The Majlis, at a press conference here yesterday, expressed its strong rejection of the abusive allegations made against His Majesty the Sultan, who, the members said, is the founder of modern Oman and the pride of the nation. This came in response to the statement issued on Monday by the Public Prosecution Department.
The Majlis Ash’shura had already deplored the rumours during its session on Sunday and called for action to penalise the perpetrators. During the press conference, a team of the Majlis Ash’shura agreed that there is serious defect in the laws that organise how rumours should be dealt with. The team voiced support for the Public Prosecution Department in its legal stance, particularly as the perpetrators had the audacity to target the pride of Omani citizens.
The members said they would propose revision of the laws so that rumours targeting individuals can be tackled more firmly. The members said that they are not against freedom of opinion and the use of solid fact to support views, but they wish to see action taken against those who spread rumours. They added that the Majlis Ash’shura is there to represent the citizens and it always welcomes the opinions of citizens. However, the members said, no one should be allowed to fiddle with the country’s political, security and economic stability.
Citing an example, they noted that rumours were behind real estate market instability in 2007. The Public Prosecution Department earlier said that it observed a rising trend in offensive writings and inciting calls by some individuals who target personal life under the pretext of free expression of opinion. It advised all citizens and residents that it will take necessary legal action against the perpetrators of such statements or acts, as well as those who promote or provoke or assist them.
It considers such behaviour as a blatant violation of the sanctity of personal life and warned that with such rumours on the rise, the national interests can be put at a stake. The Public Prosecution Department also pointed out that these verbal or written insults are contrary to our religious teachings, rich traditions and noble morals that are deeply integrated in the Omani society.

So what were these rumours about? Anyone know?

If it is that he's rumoured to be gay, well  ....... yawn! Old news!!

God Save The Queen - Good Old Liz turns 60!

Well, I did have a good time last weekend. Firstly, it was a 4 day weekend which, if you've ever lived in the UK for any length of time, you'll understand is a rare event! We get 8 public holidays a year. Oh how I think back fondly to the time when I got what seemed to be about 50 public holidays a year in Oman. It only took someone tenuously connected to the Sultan to pop his clogs for us all to get 3 days off in mourning! I did most of my grieving at the beach.

Back to this past holiday weekend - a Jubilee Weekend, no less! Good old Liz turned 60 on the throne. Of course, she's much more ancient than that. I think she is 86 years old and what a good old bird she is. Stomping around the festivities with that "old woman grumpy face". It was great. We love her to bits! If her Mum's anything to go by, we'll have another 4 day holiday weekend in 10 years time for the Platinum Jubilee and perhaps one after that. I'm not even sure what you'd call an 80th Jubilee - a Geriatric Jubilee?

All of this makes poor old Qaboos seem like a bit of an upstart for only being sat upon his throne for a mere 42 years. Get a move on mate! :-)

Google Blogger Changes Its Interface - and it is confusing!

So here I am, coming back on to write a post oafter a few weeks and I find the Google Blogger page updated out of all recognition. I don't like change (well not when it comes to IT). I like my / their old-fashioned templates. I'm used to them. I hate reading "Using our new ......" help pages. It's all so confusing. Has anyone else felt like this?

Thankfully, my posts look the same. You really don't want to konw how many hours it took me to set up a boring page format like that!