Thursday, February 25, 2010


If you've never tried skiing - do it. Soon! It was 17 years since I last went skiing. That was, of course, until last month when myself and my partner headed off to Whistler for a skiing holiday. To say it was one of the most thrilling holidays I have ever had would be quite an understatement. I'm not surprised Whistler is currently hosting the Olympic downhill and sliding events. Sitting here watching the pros go at it reminds me just what a beautiful place Whistler is, what a terrible skier I am, but what fun I had struggling and careering down the slopes. I came away from Whistler exhausted, bruised (I fell...several times) but exhilarated. There's nothing like a sustained adrenaline rush to make you feel alive again! Every day was a new challenge. Every photo a 'screen saver shot' and ever memory a wonderful reminder of just how good life can be sometimes. I will go back there, that is a certainty.