Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to Winter!

As the UK slowly comes out of winter and into what's turning out to be a wonderful spring, I've had cause to travel to Finland this week to be confronted with....... -12 degC and snow! Talk about a long winter here! When I last came in November it was already below zero with snow on the ground. They must really enjoy summer up here as it is so short!!

Thinking about winters, I really do miss the winters in Oman. Days were comparatively long and the weather glorious. I was lucky enough to live in Oman as Ramadhan and the accompanying Eids Al-Fitr and Al-Adha made their way back around the calendar from March to October, so I had the pleasure getting the 'long' holidays in the good weather of an Omani winter. As Eid holiday entitlement back then wasn't exactly fixed in stone and additions were made at the last moment, being forced to stay in Oman due to lack of other plans wasn't all that bad. The beaches beckoned and the sun shone; the nights were cool and the stars amazing.

Oh how I miss some winters more than others!