Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics Fever!!

Well, what a two weeks this is turning out to be....

  • I watched the Opening Ceremony and thought it was brilliant.
  • Saw the mens cycling live. Madness and great all at the same time. Those guys are heros.
  • Saw Andy Murray become Olympic Champion at Wimbledon!
  • Was in Hyde Park watching the greatest night ever for British althletics as Team GB brought home three golds in the space of 45 minutes. Watching with 40,000 fans was amazing. The noise was deafening!
  • I'm off to the wrestling on Friday.
  • Then I have tickets into the stadium to see the Para Olympics in a couple of weeks.

Such a special time here in the UK. We're all sports mad! I cannot ever remeber watching clay pidgeon shooting on TV and being enthralled; or watching a triathalon and being nervous as hell! Bloody marvellous!!

How is it being broadcast in Oman? Are they even interested? Haven't seen any Omani athletes in action yet but did see them at the Opening Ceremony.

Go Team GB !!!!!!!!

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